Inside Corner Rail

Inside Corner Safety Bar with snap on / twist-lock concealed flanges. Manufactured by ELCOMA from 18 gauge, type 304 stainless steel, satin finished, tubing. 14 gauge stainless steel mounting flanges, heliarc welded to the tube to form a single structural unit. Elcoma Grab Bars are made standard with 1.5″ wall clearance and are designed, built & tested to withstand 400lbs. (181kgs) of load when properly installed.* This exceeds HUD, FHA, VA, ADA, ANSI and other federal, provincial, and local codes. *Grab Bars can only be as strong as what they are mounted to. It is imperative when installing any safety product to consult with a qualified contractor to insure you have sufficient backing.


Inside Corner Rail – Regular Stock

Model No. Colour Dia. Length Description

25-213418KTA Chrome 1 1/4″ 34″x18″ Knurled, hidden flange
25-213418STA Chrome 1 1/4″ 34″x18″ Smooth, hidden flange
25-223418GT Stainless 1 1/4″ 34″x18″ Shurgrip, hidden flange
25-223418KT Stainless 1 1/4″ 34″x18″ Knurled, hidden flange
25-223418PT Stainless 1 1/4″ 34″x18″ Peened, hidden flange
25-263418GT01 Painted 1 1/4″ 34″x18″ Painted White Stainless Steel, Shurgrip, hidden flange
25-224220GT Stainless 1 1/4″ 40″x20″ Shurgrip, hidden flange
25-224220KT Stainless 1 1/4″ 40″x20″ Knurled, hidden flange
25-224220PT Stainless 1 1/4″ 40″x20″ Peened, hidden flange


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